Our Office

A professional method and a personal approach

Criminal law problems should, where possible, be resolved quickly. This requires efficient and effective action. That goes without saying for us. If necessary, we take immediate action and are not bound by office hours.

In difficult and extensive cases we often act with two lawyers. The short lines at the office make intensive consultation possible, increase the accessibility for our clients and increase quality. By quality we also mean a personal approach to our clients. It is essential for the relationship of trust that is necessary for optimum legal assistance. We think it is important to know the people for whom we work. That fits with our style.

The driving force

We have a good reputation, we set the bar high, in every case, at every moment, in the interest of our clients. We enjoy doing that. The pleasure in our profession drives us and we like to radiate that.

Difficult cases

We provide assistance at every stage of the criminal proceedings. From the first police interview or the search of a home or business premises, through the hearing at first instance and on appeal, up to and including proceedings at the Supreme Court in cassation or review at the European Court of Human Rights. We provide assistance in various criminal cases, in the financial and economic field and in the so-called common criminal practice. We have the knowledge to operate in various cases and at various levels. That is why we are often consulted and approached by fellow lawyers. They know us and know that we have a name to uphold. In difficult cases, we have learned, it is often not just about the facts and the law. The relationship with other professionals in the criminal proceedings, for example the relationship with the police, the public prosecutor and the judiciary, is important. They expect high quality from us. Certainly in controversial cases, the influence of the media cannot be underestimated. We are cautious in this regard, because the interests of the client are generally not served by publicity. But if it is necessary, we have the experience and the contacts to make the client's opinion known publicly through the media.